The Italian excellences meet Africa

Fiera di Padova, 01 – 02 July 2021


Architectural and design products


The most prestigious brands
of the Italian furniture

Interior Finishes

Interior design solutions

Interconnected wires create a net of opportunities

Architects, buyer, decision maker

An event designed on the needs of Companies and on the interest of professionals
from 11 African Countries

Concept innov-active


Encouraging business opportunities among Italian Companies and opinion leaders of the African Continent, by creating connections between two areas full of history and culture.

The 2021 edition will bring together the Made in Italy of design, furniture and interior finishes to high-level retailers, distributors, contractors, architects and designers. Strengthen working relationships through commercial exchanges, but mainly through ideas.



Italian Companies meet important architects, builders and importers from 11 African Countries.



Meetings and Conferences with the general managers in order to deal with issues related to architecture, design and marketing.



Bilateral meetings between Italian companies and a selection of national architecture studies.

Hub for B2B meetings in a space of 4,000 sq. mt.

The first Italian event dedicated to Africa in the interior design sector.
B2B – business meetings between leading Italian Companies and Top Buyers form 11 Countries.
Company visits scheduled with the African Buyers.
Architects interested in meeting exhibiting companies could take part upon registration and confirmation.

Fiera Padova

Fiera di Padova

Fulcrum and main hub of trades, point of departure of a journey to promote art, culture and Veneto region, as well as the excellences of craftsmanship of interior design, furniture and internal house finishing.

Turismo nel Veneto

In the heart of Veneto

Rich in spaces dedicated to knowledge, art and science. Padua was one of the cultural capitals of the fourteenth century: among the pictorial testimonies of the XIV century, Giotto’s fresco cycle at the Scrovegni Chapel, make it a crucial node in the development of Western art.




In fully transposing the guidelines developed by AEFI (the Italian Exhibition and Trade Fair Association) and validated by the Ministerial Decree of the 14 th July 2020, we have analyzed some modalities of application that ensure the maximum health security. Furthermore, the large spaces (covered and uncovered) of our exhibition center, easily guarantee the distance in every situation. In this way, the original design of the manifestation will not undergo any change or limit the possibilities of fruition.

  • Regione Veneto
  • Ministero Affari Esteri
  • ICE
  • Fiera di Padova

  • VenicePromex
  • CCIAA Padova
  • CCIAA Treviso
  • CCIAA Rovigo
  • CCIAA Verona
  • Made in Vicenza

The event Africa Architectour realized by Fiera di Padova, in collaboration with VenicePromex Agenzia per l'internazionalizzazione and with Made in Vicenza, as planned in the Promotional Program supported and co-financed by Veneto region.

Italian excellences meet Africa

Reviews and Photogallery

“Africa, there is stable economic growth. Investment and productivity are increasing. Africa remains the second region of the Planet for fastest growth. The medium and long-term predictions are good. During 2019, for the first time in a decade, the investment expenditure, rather than the consumption, has represented over then 50% of GDP growth“ this shift can potentially help to sustain and to accelerate the future growth in Africa. Finally it can also help to increase the present and future production base of the continent, by improving at the same time the productivity of the workforce “ as stated in the African Economic Outlook (AEO) 2020, the economic report of the continent carried out every year by the African Development Bank (AfDB).

La Repubblica

3rd February 2020

“Also, in 2019, the wind from sub-Saharan Africa has blown in favor of our exporters: +6% after that in 2018 the subcontinent was the main protagonist with a 7.2%, with a total of about 6 billion. This was the best performance between the world geographical areas.”


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